10 thoughts on “How can Christians Reach Out to Non-Believers?

      1. There are thousands….! Indeed millions. That is why the church is growing in most places in the world. In my own context I have seen hundreds become members of the church – as adults…


      2. Yes, primarily in developing/emerging countries. China for example.
        But not in Scotland as you have stated, which you now consider to to be one of the most secular countries around. One has to wonder what exactly what went ”wrong”?

        And you didn’t mention which are the methods you /em> use to convince these people to come to your actual church?
        Exactly which of your methods do you think would convince someone like me, David?


      3. I don;t think any of my methods will convince you….it will take the Holy Spirit to do that. Who knows what he will use!

        Perhaps though you should be convicted by your own racism – implying that China and other countries are less ‘developed’ than yours and therefore people are stupider.! Time to get out of your wee box!

        I have written about what went wrong in Scotland many times. But I have noticed this – there are churches that have turned the tide and are growing – almost all of them churches that actually believe and teach the bible


      4. Who knows indeed?
        I would venture a fiver, however, that he has decided that you would make a lousy medium!
        I said developing /emerging nations and in many cases China is less developed … but it is getting there – and fast! How’s your Mandarin?
        Christians have been historically racist from the word go. I do not doubt you could show me some marvelous examples.
        If you struggle with any let me know and I am sure I can provide some real corkers. South Africa for one, where the church justified Apartheid using the bible as its authority to do so. Aaah, heady days, heady days (sic)
        I am pretty sure you do not want to play the racist game with me, David, really you don’t! That’s a little friendly heads up, okay?

        I live in South Africa and although considered first world in some ways it is still a developing country.

        After all, missionaries still think this place and its neighbours are prime ground for indoctrinating the natives, do they not, David?
        I am sure you are aware of what Tutu said about the visiting missionaries and how they approached the natives?

        What went rong with the Cof S is what IS wroing wioth Chrisrtianity.
        It will eventually simply become irrelevant.
        Yes, lots of little splinter groups that simply cannot agree on doctrine. How odd, considering you are all supposed to be guided by Yahweh.
        The facts regarding this are there for all to see, so don’t shoot the messenger.


      5. Glad you like facts…they are indeed there for everyone to see – if only they will open their eyes. As for racism – yes there have been Christians who are racist and people who have used the church to justify their racism – but that is not the Christian message and in general it is Christians who have challenged racism. Sad that you feel so disparaging about what you call ‘the natives’ of South Africa. I believe that all human beings should be treated with respect as made in the image of God.


  1. Sad that you feel so disparaging about what you call ‘the natives’ of South Africa. I believe that all human beings should be treated with respect as made in the image of God.

    Who’s disparaging?
    In the days when missionaries first landed on our shores everyone here was a native.
    If I said natives of France or Scotland would you feel happier because they aren’t Africans?

    I believe that all human beings should be treated with respect as made in the image of God.

    And yet I’ll wager you could not even describe your god to describe this ”image”.
    And it seems odd then that you contend if one does not accept your god – and more pointedly your particular version of your god , they will be banished to Hell to be tortured for non-belief for eternity.
    Do you not find this in the least bit repugnant,David? A touch ‘evil’ in fact?


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