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The Blind See, The Lords People are Fed, the King Returns – Sermons and Praise from St Peters from 24th Sept

The Bible is a rich feast for the Lord’s people – but normally Christians don’t eat alone – we eat together with a meal prepared by a trained chef – at least that is one way to look at preaching.  Last Sunday we feasted in God’s house.  Sinclair’s exposition of the story of the healing of the man born blind (John 9) contrasted the love of Christ with the legalism of the Pharisees.

We have a wealth of preachers in St Peters – Craig (our intern) and Andrew (Charleston Church planter) have just started a series on Ephesians.   This is the first of them – I found it so encouraging – not least the thought that in Christ  ‘all things in heaven and earth will be brought to unity”.

Our weekly fellowship groups have begun again.  This Wednesday we are going to start a lunchtime one – 12-1:30 on Wednesday in the church hall.  Tea and coffee will be served from 12-12:30 and the study will take place 12:30-1:00 – bring your own lunch!  We are going to do a series of studies on the ‘Solas’ of the Reformation.  All welcome –

“Your word of life has been, and still remains among us, faithfully collected in the sacred registers of the holy Scripture….the image of your glory, the law of your kingdom, the ladder of heaven, the gate of paradise, the trumpet of salvation…the treasury of piety, virtue, wisdom, consolation, and perfection.” Theodore Beza (1519-1605)

If St Peter’s had a theme song – I guess Ps 24 to St Georges Edinburgh, would be it.   Enjoy…


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