German AfD, Aussie SSM & Suppression of Research into Transgender Reversion | Q112

Quantum 112

After a couple of months break we have restarted the Quantum of Solas podcast…time to resubscribe!    You can listen to this week’s here…my apologies that my voice is not at its strongest…but we are getting there…

This weeks looks at the rise of the AFD, SSM in Australia, the shortage of sand, banning transgender research, and the tweet of unreality!   (you will note the similarity between this and the latest LED 10 – this is something that will sometimes happen…the written and spoken word together!)

The purpose of Quantum is to inform Christians and non-Christians alike of news and cultural events, to encourage us to think and to act.   Please feel free to send any critiques/news/comments/thoughts/concerns you may have.

Its good to be back!



  1. Went to hear David Kyle Foster at Ellel Blairmore he has an amazing testimony of how he came out of the gay life style his father was a minister. He refuses to go on television as his words are doctored, he has written 3 excellent books and has a website to help those wanting healing

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