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God’s Law in our Hearts (Romans 2) and ‘Has God Forgotten?” (Psalm 77) –

I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to put these up yesterday – but here are the sermons from St Peters on the 2nd of July

In the morning we looked at Romans 2:12-16 and saw how God’s law is written on every human heart – when people ask for evidence of God we have it externally in creation and internally in the moral law.   We looked at how we need to renew the Church by preaching what the Gospel says, not what society demands.   And we dealt with the sensitive issue of conscience.   You can hear it by clicking on the link below.

“We cheapen the gospel if we represent it as a deliverance only from unhappiness, fear, guilt and other felt needs, instead of as a rescue from the coming wrath” – John Stott

Then in the evening we had communion – looking at Psalm 77.   ‘Has God Forgotten?”.  You would have had to have been there to understand this but one person commented afterwards ‘that was a sweet communion’.  It was.  It was a real time of fellowship with the Lord and one another.   We looked at how we can be discouraged as Christians, even by prayer. And we looked at how we cope with such deep discouragement and pain.  And then we sat at the Lord’s Table.

“ There are seasons when even the holiest faith cannot bear to listen to words of reasoning; although it can still find a support whereon to rest, in the simple contemplation, in all their native grandeur, of the deeds that God hath wrought” – Jospeh Thrupp



  1. Please may we have the message on Rom.2:12-16. All that I am opening is the message on Ps.77 – twice. It’s good but, if I wish to listen again, I can go back to the beginning!!!!! Btw, where is the closest FC to Motherwell? 🙂

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