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What do you think about Death? | Short Answers 21

We filmed this episode of SHORT/ANSWERS a few weeks. The timing is apposite.


There’s also a 60 second version of it for starting conversations on Twitter and Instagram etc.


This also ties in with an interview I did for Premier Radio on what happens to us when we die. What happens after death? Premier.




  1. Could I recommend and exhort a listen to this marvelous, slightly longer, at 1 hour 25 mins, lecture. It’s a rare subject, even in Christian circles.

    The clue is in the title. There are also some accompanying downloadable notes.

    Also David Gibson’s, Destiny – Learning to live by preparing to die, is a wonderful reminder to live life “backwards”, from the point, place,homeland, of Christian Destiny. (It is a popular level commentary on the book of Proverbs.)

  2. A great video, thanks David, but I did find I had to turn the sound up a long way. If there’s a possibility of increasing the volume I think it would make a much greater impact right from the start.

  3. I like the steak on a plate comment :).

    Not sure about your comment theologically that with being in Christ there is no judgement thought I know this is something that is sometimes preached. Another point – doesn’t being “in Christ” mean dying to self and weighing that cost up? The man who found the buried treasure in a field sold everything he had to buy the field? So physical death is inevitable, yes, dying to self is optional.

    Sorry to hear about your need for a major operation. Thoughts and prayers with you.

  4. Historically, the bloodthirsty mania that Christianity has caused in Europeans has reduced their numbers, culled their most intelligent and best, and has at all times acted to preserve the Jews, with which group it is now co-operating.

    You have secured Whites’ demographic doom and now wish to avoid responsibility for that heinous act.

    I am not an atheist because I think its going to magically undo all the fatal wounds you’ve inflicted on European Man.

    I am an atheist because I intend to face my fate with open eyes and not with a mind polluted by filthy anti – Western, pro – Jewish ordure which is all Christianity ever was except when it was lying for the Semitic Lord.

    1. Thank you for your post. Not because it makes any sense or has any merit in it whatsoever – but because it shows the intellectual vacuity and moral bankruptcy of some (not all) modern atheism. Your wicked and evil anti-Semitisim is from the pit of Hell – and unless you come to see your evil and repent of it and turn to Christ- it is to there you will go. There are no atheists in Hell.

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