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Dundee Minister Calls On Churches to End Divisions and Reunite!

Woke up this morning to discover that apparently I am the new champion of ecumenism in Scotland!

Its rather pleasing to see that the Press (at least the Courier!) read The Record .  This news story in todays paper is a direct lift from my editorial and not from an interview….I love being portrayed as the new champion of ecumenism – which of course I am!

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It is a very interesting headline and take on the original article – which you can read here (if you are not a subscriber to The Record – and why not?)  …I feel like awarding a prize to anyone who can spot the elephant in the room and the rather important nuance that the reporter has missed out on!   Perhaps you can also spot the same elephant in the comments of my friend Prof. Iain Torrance!



  1. Well, of course, it’s all a matter of interpretation. You really are not sufficiently conversant with the sophisticated and remarkable powers of modern hermeneutics. Not to mention that in a post modern culture the reader is sovereign not the author; an article is what I take it to mean, nothing more and nothing less. Get with it David.

  2. “Signs of being one church are that we welcome each other to our pulpits and to the Lord’s table. ” prof is quoted as saying. Really? Evidence please, for and against. McKenna debacle anyone?

    “We should do more of it.” Please accept the invitation David.

    What has happened to the “rubicon”? It has not been crossed as you say in the original article, but, instead, has been crossed -out, expunged.

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