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Your ‘Go To’ Verse and ‘Kingdoms Conflict’ – St Peters full worship services

We continue our experiment of recording the whole service, with this weeks services (from 30th April) with Sinclair Ferguson in the morning and Craig Anderson in the evening.  I was unable to be at the evening but the morning was special for me.  I was supposed to be in Greece speaking at a conference so I had prepared the order of service expecting not to be there.  I found all the songs apposite to my own situation, the prayers, readings and above all Sinclairs sermon on my ‘go to’ verse – Romans 8:32.  If you wish to hear only the sermons go to the St Peters Website

Sinclair Ferguson on Romans 8:32

Again if you have any comments about whether we should continue to record the whole service please let me know.  Also note that you can subscribe to the whole service recording on Itunes.


  1. Deeply grateful for the Rev Sinclair Ferguson’s sermon on trials . I was blessed by it and used several of his illustrations in today’s sermon on Job,, and as the Rev Peter Bissitt told us , “Always credit your source”..

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