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Janet Parshall – the Benedict Option

This months In the Market with Janet Parshall was a discussion on Is the Benedict Option the Best Option for Today’s Church?

You can hear the program here – Here

(on a technical note I think that using Skype for the first time made for a much better sound quality)


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  1. Here in Joseph, Oregon, USA I did hear your conversation with Janet and , at least in the part I heard, as she was saying, what about “the great commission” that we a Christians are given. Therefore maybe wrong to take retreats (although Jesus Himself did) I had a thought that I didn’t hear mentioned. We as human beings, in any space in our Creator’s world, do sometimes need a retreat. Different kinds of pain require it. Pushing too far too fast requires it. Even slow motion intensity requires it. In north central Idoaho (Cottonwood) there is a most delightful Benedictine Monastary, invites all for retreats anytime. Quarters, meals, etc. are free. And when a person feels up to it there is opportunity for volunteer work of MANY kinds. I worked the book store for a time. I would have loved to try the candle making and/or book binding places just to learn and the nuns in those places were particularly funny and very good natured to be around. Because I was completely living my Judaism at the time they had special “masses” only from the Old Testament to help bring me rest and quiet in my soul. Janet also mentioned a monthly magazine that you prepare and send out. I would be interested in receiving it if not so very costly as I am a senior of low income. But I surely can afford something. I have always wanted to visit Scotland as I have much Scottish (as do probably most Americans) blood in me in my genealogy. Including a gentleman with the grand name of Mac Dougal, Mac Dougal, Mac Dougal, Mac Dougal, IV. I often wonder who he was to deserve such a grand sounding name. I told my two sons and two daughters that if I had known about him back when they were born, they probably would all have MacDougal as a middle name. 🙂 My grandfather George Washington Harvey was one of his descendants. He was a Presbyterian minister and old time doctor during the early 1800’s of America. I am praying for the family of recent tragedy in your area. Gratitude and blessings to you and yours, Virginia Lucid Joseph, Oregon USA No presence is complete without a sense of the Sacred

  2. 1 Thought the “curates egg” was “good in parts.” So is the book

    2 World view and hope.

    Did you hear the hope for humanity offered by atheist scientist prof. Stephen this week at the presentation to the winners of University Challenge on BBC? It is stunning:
    “I’ve said in the past that it is not clear whether intelligence has any long term survival value – bacteria manage to flourish without it.”
    So much, David, for your view that democracy needs an intelligent people! And will universities survive without it?

    3 Amen to the Reformation Option, and the “ploughman preacher”.

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