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My Joy is Going to Uganda

There must be an awful lot of Christian orphanages in India because every week I get an e-mail from yet another brother full of pleading pietistic language asking me to ‘pray’ for (ie. give money to) their essential work.  I don’t even bother replying now – I have no idea how many are genuine and I have no way of finding out – but I hate the pleading letters. So it is with a wee bit of reluctance that I write the following.  It’s not a pleading letter but it is a request and its one that if you read this you can be assured is for something real, genuine and for the good of the Kingdom of Christ.

From the moment this young lady was born she has brought joy into every part of my life. And now she wants to bring joy to others!    Emma Jane is in the middle of her nursing degree at Edinburgh Uni but more importantly she has a real heart and desire to serve the Lord and his people – so she is going to Uganda this summer with Mission International .  Mission International is a wonderful Christian charity headed up one of the St Peters elders, Hugh Henderson (see the note below explaining what they do).  A team is going out from St Peters to work in Uganda this summer.

If you would like to help EJ be part of this team then feel free to support her Crowdfunding here….she is doing well but needs a wee bit more.  Click the link below….the widows mite is as welcome as the millionaires tithe!



Mission International began in September 2006 and became a registered charity in 2007.  We  are a small Christian charity serving in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Currently we have Mission and Project partners in 14 different countries.With three main aims;

1. Evangelism, preaching and teaching
  • Mission Teams work alongside local churches and organisations to reach communities whose background is often in Animism and witchcraft to share the Good News of Jesus Christ allowing people to choose a better way.

2. Discipleship/Leadership training.

  • We endeavour to fulfil God’s call to reach those who don’t know Him and help them to live appropriate lives and provide both spiritual and physical help where necessary.  With many developing world churches confused by the so called Prosperity Gospel, those who provide training can help untangle confused minds and bring a strong biblical perspective to churches and church leaders.
3. Projects for those in need
  • Projects range from the provision of school classrooms, medical facilities and clean water sources.  Mighty Meals (and the BIG meal at Christmas time) provide need children with sustenance to help them concentrate on their education.
  • Projects large and small are accepted for support.   Currently Mission International has a £100,000 project underway in Haiti supporting those affected by the 2010 earthquake; and also a £100,000+ project in Burundi helping children left abandoned and in need of help after the long civil war.  Small projects include providing uniforms for school children and child sponsorship for needy kids around the developing world.
  • Projects are ‘owned’ by our local project partners and once the project terms are agreed, Mission International raises funds, resources and support personnel to help our partners achieve what they believe is right for their communities.
Much of what we do is delivered by mission teams, members of which are recruited from across the UK and provided with appropriate training in advance of their trip and orientation on arrival in their country of deployment.
A small team of volunteers will be heading for Uganda in July for up to a month.   The team will be involved with Living Waters Clinic and Toowa Primary School as well as with Lugazi Pentecostal Church (A church I began to support in 1989 long before MI befgan).
More information can be found on our website
Hugh Henderson
Naomi’s Portrait of EJ


  1. Uganda is a nice place. My aunt was born there and family lived there for a while. Once hosted a Ugandan Humanist called Kato Mukasa at my home and introduced him to various humanists and humanist activities around Scotland. Being a humanist, involving himself in the education of women and the equal rights of LGBT people has made him a target. He was once called un-African for being against the Evangelical Christian inspired “kill the gays” bill.

  2. I gave a widow’s mite. I do hope that Emma Jane will send you some reports while she is serving there that you can share with us! Bless you, and Bless Emma Jane!

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