Quantum 97 – Northern Ireland Trumps the Marches over Abortion.

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It’s a quick run through some of the messages that have been doing the rounds in the media recently:
*  Northern Ireland politics.

*  Trump’s Inauguration and the reaction to it.

*  The Women’s March and the March for Life.

*  The Queen, the Establishment and Faith.

*  Sherlock and books in UK homes.


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Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness

Belfast Telegraph – Ian Paisley: My dad prayed regularly with Martin McGuinness… and the first time we met he laughed when I made a quip about balaclavas

BBC Northern Ireland – ‘Thank you’ – Ian Paisley’s words to Martin McGuinness



Trump’s Inauguration Speech and the reaction that followed

BBC’s Andrew Neal interviewing Ted Malloch.

Independent Journal Review – SNL Writer’s Tweet About Barron Trump is Beyond Unfunny–It’s Being Called ‘Vile’ and ‘Disgusting’


Bustle – “Funny” Tweets About Barron Trump At The Inauguration Are Not Appropriate

The Nation – Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched—You Can Thank the Black Bloc


Women’s March and the March for Life


Sheologians Podcast: Summer White interviews Feminists at Women’s March in Phoenix



LifeSite News – Trump ends funding of abortion oversees: Press Sec. Sean Spicer


BBC News – Netherlands government to counter Trump abortion funding ban


The Queen, the Establishment and Faith.

Premier Christianity – Queen’s chaplain quits to condemn Qur’an reading at church


Sherlock and books

The Scotsman – 1 in 10 homes don’t own books while smart device ownership soars



  1. Has the other march, March for Life, happened yet? If so, I’ve not seen any equal TV reporting of it in the UK.

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