Quantum 97 – Northern Ireland Trumps the Marches over Abortion.

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It’s a quick run through some of the messages that have been doing the rounds in the media recently:
*  Northern Ireland politics.

*  Trump’s Inauguration and the reaction to it.

*  The Women’s March and the March for Life.

*  The Queen, the Establishment and Faith.

*  Sherlock and books in UK homes.


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Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness

Belfast Telegraph – Ian Paisley: My dad prayed regularly with Martin McGuinness… and the first time we met he laughed when I made a quip about balaclavas

BBC Northern Ireland – ‘Thank you’ – Ian Paisley’s words to Martin McGuinness



Trump’s Inauguration Speech and the reaction that followed

BBC’s Andrew Neal interviewing Ted Malloch.

Independent Journal Review – SNL Writer’s Tweet About Barron Trump is Beyond Unfunny–It’s Being Called ‘Vile’ and ‘Disgusting’


Bustle – “Funny” Tweets About Barron Trump At The Inauguration Are Not Appropriate

The Nation – Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched—You Can Thank the Black Bloc


Women’s March and the March for Life


Sheologians Podcast: Summer White interviews Feminists at Women’s March in Phoenix



LifeSite News – Trump ends funding of abortion oversees: Press Sec. Sean Spicer


BBC News – Netherlands government to counter Trump abortion funding ban


The Queen, the Establishment and Faith.

Premier Christianity – Queen’s chaplain quits to condemn Qur’an reading at church


Sherlock and books

The Scotsman – 1 in 10 homes don’t own books while smart device ownership soars


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