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|   TOPICS   |

* Sally Phillips / BBC Down’s Syndrome documentary *

* Trump / Clinton *

* BBC – American Hate Preachers *

* Dundee University compulsory sexual consent classes *

* LGBTI Squad *

* InterVarsity Christian Fellowship *

* Chick-fil-A profits *

* Andy Bannister on Christianty and Islam *

|   LINKS   |

BBC iPlayer:  A World Without Down’s Syndrome?

ABC News (Australia): Down syndrome testing results delivery to change nationally following Tasmanian complaint

Christian Today:   We Could Have A World Without Down’s Syndrome – But Would We Want To Live In It?

BBC3: America’s Hate Preachers

The Wee Flea: Is the BBC Christophobic?

Dundee Courier:  Dundee students could be given mandatory sexual consent classes

The Scotsman:   Police Scotland launch new LGBTI network to tackle hate crimes

Time:   Top Evangelical College Group to Dismiss Employees Who Support Gay Marriage

|   MUSIC   |

Alter Bridge – Show me a Leader

Elvis Costello – Pump it up

Napoleon XIV – They are coming to take me away

Alanis Morisette – You oughta know

Tim Hawkins – The Chick-fil-A Song

Beautiful Eulogy – Exile Dial Tone (theme tune)



  1. Andy’s radio clip: Not sure there is a commonality of religions in that they accept something has gone wrong. Don’t some christians believe they were born good, so the fall never happened? But there again, don’t they think something has gone wrong since then through our actions, but we can put our selves right, either in whole or part by our actions, just like other religions and none: a commonality indeed. I’m sitting here, not being interviewed. So I’ll shut up.

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