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  • Brangelina, Syria and Yemen
  • Leo on the BBC
  • Faith economy
  • Life|Explored
  • Tim Keller – Making Sense of God

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Brangelina, Syria and Yemen


Leo the non-binary 10 year old

BBC Radio 4:  iPM 17 September 2016 

The Conservative Woman – Ken MacIntosh: Transgender kids are cool, if you believe their crazy parents and the BBC

Faith economy worth $1.2tn a year



Tim Keller’s new book – Making Sense of God

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  • Shirley Bassey (with Propellerheads) – History Repeating
  • Jimi Hendrix – Love or Confusion
  • Morcheeba – Daylight Robbery
  • Fleetwood Mac – What’s the world coming to?
  • Soul II Soul – Get a life


  1. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Quantum items,but it may be joke of the year that has unsurprisingly bi-passed “the Fringe.”

    Hawking warns about danger of contacting aliens – but it may be too late.

    Exposed as a disciple of HG Wells. I’m sure the alternative, cutting edge comedians will not make capital from this, lampoon the “man in the moon.”

    Gender fluidity: I wonder what Mr McLellan would say in response to listening to the BBC interview.

    The economic faith: reduced to economics. Reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s quotation: “Nowadays everyone knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” A great sermon title.

    Neither does it take into account the value of what political scientist prof (Harvard) Robert Putnam calls “social capital” of voluntary organisations. communities, supremely demonstrated in peoples of faith. (See his book “Bowling Alone” among others. It was flavour of the month in some public service organisations a number of years ago. I think it was influentially formative in David Cameron’s big idea of “Big Society.”

    Keller’s new book: read about this last week. There seems to be a difference in views about Keller, depending on whether you’ve been raised in church or not, whether to start with scripture. To me, who wasn’t raised in church with scripture, he starts where I started, like Lewis. like Schaeffer, but for today’s generations. Look forward to benefitting from it.
    I have most of his books. I’ve given to “baby boomer” friends, “The Reason for God” together with “The Prodigal God”, having previous given Rai Zacharias’s “Deliver us From Evil.”

    Surprised at the Good Book Company’s feint praise, as they’ve published a number of Keller’s books.

  2. Gender: here is a link to other criticism, which I came across today, by Times journalist Janice Turnice of the BBC radio interview. She’s complained to the BBC. It also has a short You tube video from Walt Heyer , former transexual, identified as such at the age of 4. He accuses the BBC of taking no account of the research.


    May there be many voices speaking with one voice.

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