Solas Connect Training Day – Media – Sept 2016

and I discuss communicating with media – after today’s Solas Training Day event.


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  1. “Incredible opportunities that are out there… with concern for these things… if we go in being positive, incredible things can happen… engage with culture around you.. bring the gospel into the public square” as opposed to a “holy huddle”.

    Couldn’t agree more. When the shepherd was stuck the sheep were scattered. And there’s a place for each one of that for us, whether it be in comedy clubs, interviews with journalists, with friends family, the workplace, hobbies even when out walking the dog I would suggest.

    So with a decline in church attendance it would seem would it not that an important role for the church is to be equipping congregations to do this very thing just as you have talked of in your video. What I encounter for many people is just as you have said David is that they haven’t heard and not that that there are always hostile but inevitably given that there is a war on, hostility will be encountered and stepping out requiring being prepared for battle.

    In a world driven by hatred, fear and dominance being sent out as lambs, with loving kindness and this often being perceived as weakness but also being where Gods power is made perfect, with being so free in that, the very act of just being present is an offence.

    And thankfully there are some not afraid to take on that challenge!

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