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Brexit and Hell – Janet Parshall Show

Its not often you get to discuss the intricacies of politics and then the theology of Hell.  But last weeks Janet Parshall show was such an occasion! This was one of the strangest shows I have ever been involved in – the first half we discussed Brexit, the second Hell.   And yet I enjoyed it!

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  1. Enjoying discussing Brexit and hell? Are you saying the two are linked and did you enjoy talking about hell because you identify with private Fraser out of Dad’s Army “we’re doomed” and are a dour Free Christ Presbyterian?


  2. “Christianity doesn’t make sense without hell.” Quite. Unlike a professing Christian I know (who also thinks hell is a “ridiculous idea”) who believes Christ’s purpose on earth was to bring the Holy Spirit to *everyone*. It says so much about what she was taught in her church.

    Btw it’s interesting to notice that predictive text wants to convert “hell” into “he’ll”!!

  3. Gehinnom (g’hee-NOHM); Gehenna (g’HEHN-uh)
    A place of spiritual punishment and/or purification for a period of up to 12 months after death. Gehinnom is the Hebrew name; Gehenna is Yiddish.

    I think you ought to refrain from addressing others as arrogant and simply do some proper study of the terms.
    Or simply discuss the terminology ith a Jewish scholar.After all, the character, Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew and came to fulfill Mosaic law did he not?
    Then, too demonstrate your humility you can contact Janet Parshall and explain your mistake?

    1. And once again you don’t disappoint! That smug arrogant ‘I know so much better than you’…Yes – I studied biblical Hebrew and use it regularly…I know where Gehenna comes from (and I don’t need to rely on Google).

      1. Then you will know what the character Jesus referred to and why he was NOT talking about the Christian version of hell: something a great many Christians seem to agree with these days, by the way.

        As for … ”relying on Google”.
        Well now, those who write the truth about about theology in general and Christian doctrine in this case are very often the sources that writers of Google articles rely on, is this not true?

        You have done very little but trumpet an evangelical POV without once trying to genuinely engage me on a single issue.
        Are you so afraid to confront someone who does not hold the same views as you without resorting to snide side-swipes?
        As you disagree with my take on Hell then please explain to me why my interpretation, which is primarily from Jewish sources/perspective is incorrect?

      2. I’m afraid you have no interest whatsoever in genuinely engaging. You keep making pronouncements as though you alone with the fount of all wisdom and knowledge. Your presuppositions shine through continually. And yes Jesus was talking about his own version of hell – his words are very clear.

      3. No, I simply echo the experts in this discipline, many of whom are Christian, or once were, which will surprise you no doubt! I can cite a few if you like?
        You know Bishop Spong I am sure?
        Why not view one of his videos on the topic?
        This one should set you straight.


        The character, Jesus of Nazareth never, ever once expressed the Christian version of Hell which would have been complete anathema to a practicing Jew.
        Can you truly imagine a bloke like Jesus,
        telling kids that if they didn’t believe in him they would burn for eternity in a place called Hell?
        That would make him as sick as every fundamentalist. Unless you believe he was like this? Well, do you?

        For me, I don’t think this sounds like any Jesus I learned about.

        And you trying to shift the goalposts by now stating ”his own version” will not win you any kudos, I am afraid and smacks of a being a little disingenuous.
        He was a Jew and taught Mosaic Law. Period.

      4. This is your best, and most amusing post so far! Bishops Spong is not in any sense a Christian – if you knew your theology and your Bible then you would know that. He does not follow Christ, he does not believe in a personal God, he does not believe in the Bible. He takes his money from the church and provides confirmation bias for atheists like you. And once again you are full of illogical contradictions – you talk about a bloke like Jesus, as if you knew who he was, and then mock his word which is the primary source of information about him. and you have this bizarre idea of a very nice Jesus who taught Mosaic law! What Jesus did teach, is that all of us are bound for hell, not because we don’t believe in him, but because we reject God and choose our own destiny, to be without God – which is hell. He came to save us from that. It is illogical and insane to then claim that when we reject that, it’s his fault!

      5. Bishops Spong is not in any sense a Christian

        According to you. But according to Spong he most certainly is.And just who the heck are you to denigrate a fellow Christian?

        Jesus never mentioned Hell once.
        You are mistaken. He referred to Gehenna. You need to re-look at your studies, I’m afraid.

        The rest of your post is simply proselytizing.

      6. Ok – now you are getting boring….I think, unless you start making sense, your time is up.

        According to Christ Bishop Spong is not a Christian. He does not believe in a personal God, nor in the Jesus who was virgin born, died for our sins, performed miracles, rose from the dead, Or is coming back. Not in any sense can he be called a follower of Christ. It’s called logic, but I realise that as an atheist that is a concept that seems to be foreign!

        Jesus mentioned Hell many times. Of course he called it Gehenna – that was his word for it – in place of eternal punishment, symbolised by fire, blackness and outer darkness.

        If you’re going to comment in the future put aside the smug superiority which just allows you to display an astonishing level of ignorance, and instead seek to engage with people, ask questions and actually find out some things.

  4. Enjoyed listening to that last week! I suppose it’s like she says, “Newspaper in one hand – and the Bible in the other!” Thanks for pointing us to both 🙂

  5. On the approach to the finish line of yesterday’s women’s Olympic cycle road race in Rio, there was a clearly displayed banner in the crowd:

    “Jesus = Heaven
    No Jesus = Hell”.

    It was written on a yellow banner, so I’m presuming it was of Brazilian origin.

    Your blog gets everwhere!

    It brought back thoughts from a number of years ago when at the soccer World Cup a lot of the Brazi lteam took off their shirts at the end to reveal a witness to Jesus.

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