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In the Market – Jesus is the Reason


I enjoyed being on Janet’s show last night, discussing my article on Jesus is the Reason and Magnificent Obsession.   I love talking about Jesus but I’m not sure that it is a subject that many Christians want to talk about!  I hope I am wrong….you are listen to the program by clicking here  – get it on Itunes or click past programmes.


  1. It would be interesting to know which of your blogs, or categories of blogs have generated the most responses, in opposition or support.

    I’m not sure either – whether many Christians want to talk about Jesus. I think the responses to your blog “Jesus is the reason” is an indicator. Not much enthusiasm it seems.

    Is it a lack of vital, new life , experiential, union with Him through Holy Spirit? Is it too much emphasis on the intellect, a modern day scholasticism, in some circles? Is it boredom or is it so much of a “given”, so implicit it doesn’t need to be made explicit?

    Is it due to preaching/teaching with an emphasis on “moralistic, therapeutic, deisim”, or to misquote Keller is thick on good advice and/or good instruction, but thin on the Good News of Jesus, which revels in “to do” lists , but is repelled by “done, done, done” deals and deeds (covenant fulfilling) of Jesus?

    Is it a lack of trinitarian teaching, which in the default mode in some extreme charismatic circles says we live in the age of the Spirit and that the age of the Son was limited to the period of His earthly life. I’ve heard much that passes for charismatic christianity that doesn’t even mention Jesus in passing and full of little more than secular advice dressed in biblical clothes on how to live.

    I know older sisters in the LORD, of whom it would be no exaggeration to say they are besotted with Jesus, but are not crackpots, and I recall listening to a Henri Blocher address when he referred to a colleague, who did not have a sparkling theological, academic output/CV but was always spoken of as loving the LORD. How many women and especially men can be spoken of in those terms?

    Personally, I know some women, but fewer men, though there are some men I’ve listened to which would lead me to that conclusion.

    I’m chastened by these thoughts.


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