13 Minutes – a short review of a brilliant film.

This is Oliver Hirschbiegel’s version of the life of Georg Elser and his failed attempt (by 13 minutes) to kill Hitler before the Second World War began.  Given that Hirschbiegel made the brilliant ‘Downfall’, I was expecting this to be good and my expectations were met.   I loved everything about this film, the cinematography, the story telling, the acting….brilliant.   It also left me with all kinds of emotions – not least the dark and foreboding question ‘Lord, why didn’t you let him succeed?’.  But life is not a movie, and there are so many unknowns it is best not to act as judge!

One stand out line is this  “If humanity isn’t free, everything dies with it”.  

If you get a chance to see this film – do so.  If you miss it at the cinema (and given it is in German it will only in cinemas like the DCA that it will be shown) – get the DVD. You will not regret it.


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