The Offence of the Cross – why politicians and religious leaders want Christianity without Christ and his Cross

I have been listening to political and religious leaders pontificating endlessly on the ‘true message of Easter’.   It is incredible that the new liberal alliance of church and state produces a Christianity without Christ, and a Christ without a cross.  Here is my article on this which has just been published on the Christian Today page…let us know what you think…



  1. If I am to express what I think, this is it.

    I take the point about “foolishness” and “offense” ok so in the Corinthian and Galatian contexts then, the message sometimes came across as foolish and the offense was because circumcision was not being preached, therefore it was Jewish circumcisers that were taking offense.

    So, it seems to me that being called a “fool” (or being deluded or words to that effect) for the message is a sign of doing something right. Was it not true that at one point Jesus’ own family treated him as if he were mad, as was Paul by a governing official?

    The second context is a little more tricky to relate to contemporary society. What is the “offense” that is being caused and to whom? Well, it is, it is it not toward those who partook in the religious obsevance of circumcision. Therefore it is the religious being offended and the message about “circumcision of the heart” coming with the message of the cross rather than physical circumcision as a sign that is the issue is it not?

    So, being considered foolish in allegiance to a “king” who was crucified, and of having been offensive by not partaking in a particular act of religious significance is a reasonable understanding to come to from the biblical passages quoted.

    A common theme in much theatre and comedy, Shakespeare included is of the fool or the clown who ironically is wise and confounds the character or characters that appear to be wise but are pretentious and stupid. In this with Jesus death on the cross and resurrection is classic clowning, making a mockery of death. “Death where is your sting” and bringing about life, an antithesis to death that entered through Adam and Eve. As the scriptures indicate, in his life much of those he offended were the religious for their pretentiousness while appearing to play the part. Appearing to have life, but being dead on the inside – “whitewashed tombs”.

    Therefore, these are the reasons I think Jesus and those that adhered to the message were perceived as foolish and were mocked by some and and have offended some religious people, and where I believe those representing Jesus authentically with the message will encounter similar in contemporary situations.

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