Is the Church in the UK a sinking ship? Christian Today

(Photo: Unsplash/Daniel Roe) The Humanist official could hardly contain his glee – “Some genuine Good News today”, he declared on Facebook before linking to a headline – “Christianity Gives Way to Atheism in Britain Today, Survey Suggests”. A headline and press release that was repeated verbatim in most of the UK media this week. The findings from the British Social Attitudes survey certainly make grim … Continue reading Is the Church in the UK a sinking ship? Christian Today

Islamaphobia – Christian Today

There’s an important difference between being Islamophobic and Islamocritical Reuters It was a touching moment. On our last evening in our home of the past 27 years, our Muslim neighbour came in to say goodbye. She thanked us for being good neighbours and apologised if in any way her family had done anything wrong. I was moved at her tears and compassion. I don’t think … Continue reading Islamaphobia – Christian Today

Living Like a Refugee

This weeks column in Christian Today  The difference between seeing the stranger and being the stranger Refugees fleeing the Middle EastChurch Response for Refugees Parting is such sweet sorrow. This week I closed the door and turned the key for the last time in the house that has been our home for 27 years. Saying farewell to the place you have lived, and the church … Continue reading Living Like a Refugee

Justice for Sale

This weeks column in Christian Today – As Boris Johnson is Summoned to Court, we should all be worried. I had originally entitled it Justice for Sale….and prefer that title!  Pixabay/pedroivo   There are some things you don’t miss until you have lost them. Good health is most noticed when you don’t have it. Likewise growing up in a Western liberal democracy I suspect that … Continue reading Justice for Sale

I Hate ‘Hate Speech’

This is a slightly amended version of my latest post in Christian Today – you can read the original here..   This is an important subject for us all to grasp…please do feel free to spread this article around…(if you agree!)   (Photo: Unsplash/Matt Botsford) After the Second World War, Soviet Russia was determined to have the concept of ‘hate speech’ enshrined in international legislation. They … Continue reading I Hate ‘Hate Speech’

The End is Nigh! Extinction and Evangelism

This weeks article in Christian Today – you can read the original here –  (Photo: Unsplash/Tim Schramm) The End is Nigh Did you hear the news? In 12 years time the world could come to an end. Rising sea levels, coastal flooding, crop failures, carbon in the atmosphere will cause the earths temperature to rise by up to 7 degrees with all the problems arising … Continue reading The End is Nigh! Extinction and Evangelism

Is Britain Breaking Up?

(Photo: A Perry) Is Britain about to break up? The argument is being made more frequently by the commentariat in London and Manchester – especially those who are opposed to Brexit. ‘Look’ they say, “Brexit will mean the break up of Britain” and this, along with the other apocalyptic predictions ‘planes will stop flying, the NHS will collapse, the end of civilization as we know … Continue reading Is Britain Breaking Up?

Sri Lankan Tragedy – Prejudice, Politicians and the Press

Christian Today asked me to write about the reporting of the Sri Lankan attacks on Christians after I tweeted about it.  This is the resultant article  (Photo: Reuters)Police officials and catholic priests stand inside the church after a bomb blast in Negombo, Sri Lanka April 21, 2019. To some extent I blame social media. After every unspeakable terrorist tragedy our political leaders speak. I used … Continue reading Sri Lankan Tragedy – Prejudice, Politicians and the Press

The Death of Death

I wrote this Easter article for Christian Today in memory of Suzette Leverette.  I have been thinking a lot about death and resurrection and the hope we have as Christians.  On Easter Monday after a great Sunday….it seems appropriate….you can read the original here.. The Question The middle-aged man was irate. “What are you doing at my door?” he yelled. I explained that I was doing … Continue reading The Death of Death

Censoring the internet – A plea from John Milton

The new editor at Christian Today has invited me back to do a weekly column for them…here is the first – on lessons from John Milton about Internet censorship.  Did you know that President Lincoln stated, “Most of what you read on the Internet is false”? I’m afraid if you cannot spot the obvious flaw in that statement then you are not worthy of reading … Continue reading Censoring the internet – A plea from John Milton