In Conversation – with Alastair McIntosh

This is a conversation I had with Alastair McIntosh, a Quaker activist, broadcaster and writer.  He is the author of a superb book – Poachers Pilgrimage.  We discussed many things in front of a good audience in St Peters.   It may not sound the most riveting of evenings – over an hour discussing theology, history, the Highlands,church etc – but the most common reaction afterwards from those … Continue reading In Conversation – with Alastair McIntosh

The Tartan Taliban?

John Nicholson an SNP leader and former MP showed just what the new campaign of tolerance, respect and love means for the SNP and Scottish Government when yesterday on the Andrew Marr show he referred to Christians in the Western Isles as ‘the Tartan Taliban’. For those who are not able to access the BBC Iplayer through the link above here is a transcript of … Continue reading The Tartan Taliban?