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Persuasive Economics

Can we use economics to preach the Gospel?  Can the Bible be applied to economics….as someone who is not an economist or an expert – here is an attempt I made at FOCL in 2013 to answer those questions… (and not a mention of Brexit!)…includes an early mention of the Christianity (or not!) of Donald Trump! 

This reminded me of a popular poster that Al Smith produced for Solas – which was read by thousands of Greeks…Without being party political I believe that the Gospel does speak to these things…

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Persuasive Ethics


  1. The great Rev. Dick Lucas (St. Helen’s, London) tells a story that after a talk to a City Guild (a bit of a chore for the St. H’s team) he was approached by a rather self-important senior City man who told him that it was a shame that so many of the illustrations in the New Testament were agrarian in nature, and consequently of no interest to the men (and women) of the City. Dick spent the next 10 minutes explaining to him the many financial illustrations in the NT which were entirely appropriate to the City financiers.

  2. “Can we use economics to preach the Gospel? ”

    Yes, of course – anything can be used for such, whether in word or actions. Sometimes actions speak louder!

  3. I am not sure the icelandic banks technically failed if the government protected domestic deposits. A real failure would follow the same script as any company bankruptcy, administration, CVAs, liquidation, disbursement of remaining assets to creditors in order of preference.

  4. And our own country, which unlike Greece is not bound by the euro, also bailed out its bankers at the taxpayer’s expense – merely more indirectly and less obviously to the victims.
    Agree the EU were brutal on Greece (and I’ve said that before) and Iceland did well – but we were free to do as Iceland did and decided not to, in defence of our own dear City.
    We have a lot more to do in restraining our own Government and those it serves before merely exiting Europe will make us “safe”.

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