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LWL Sermon 2 – Lessons from a Joyful, Elderly, Jewish Couple

As things continue to develop I have decided to do Look with Luke – the wee 5 minutes segments – Tuesday to Saturday.   But each Monday I will put up the Look with Luke sermon from Hamilton…..This is also available on the ASK podcast here….

This sermon was preached at Scots Kirk Hamilton on the 12th of Nov 2023. It was remembrance Sunday so we looked at remembrance, birth, life, death, children, old age, the Jews, Gaugin, purpose, angels, worship, tradition, Godliness, childlessness, suffering, joy, fear, Christ and the favour of the Lord….it wasn’t the shortest sermon. But I hope it is helpful to you…

LwL – The Sermons and the Question of the Week



  1. Hi David, thanks for the sermon. In the main I enjoyed it, especially your comments on antisemitism as I consider myself a spiritual Jew having believed in Christ. ( Galatians )
    Regarding Zechariah and Elizabeth being Jews ie from the tribe of Judah, they were actually Levites as was Elizabeth’s relative Mary or Miriam in Hebrew. They were descendants of Aaron the High Priest.
    This is important as it means that Jesus’ claim to be the son of David was not through Mary’s genealogy but Joseph’s as recorded in Matthews gospel, thus fulfilling God’s covenant with David. 2 Sam 7: 12-14. Jesus died on the cross, God’s anointed Son but God raised him from the dead and now Jesus is seated at the right hand of his Father and been given the name which is above every name , Lord ( Kyrios ), and every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord!

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