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LwL – The Sermons and the Question of the Week

Having begun a new ministry in Scots Kirk (Hamilton Presbyterian Church) I am trying to integrate as much as I can and use whatever we can to get the Word out.

Please pray for all this…and pass on if you think it is helpful….

The sermon on Luke each week will be put up on the YouTube channel…

This is available on the ASK podcast as well – here 


And then we are doing this question of the week – also on YouTube (and hopefully TikTok – once I work it out!)

And here is the TikTok – I have closed my old TikTOk account and set this one up instead…


LwL – Q of the Week 1 – How can we know? Is it possible to know God? Or should we all be agnostic? Are you an intelligent or a stupid agnostic?

♬ original sound – asktheweeflea – asktheweeflea



  1. Yes . Correct . Agnosticism is a non intellectual position .

    Some people do not care about Abrahamic religions . Can you blame them nowadays ?

  2. Thank you for an inspiring word from Luke’s gospel . May the Lord bless you in St Andrew’s , Newcastle and may the church grow in grace and the knowledge of God’s Word .

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