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Quantum 270 – Problems and Solutions featuring Canada, Radiohead and Ange

In this weeks Quantum we look at some of the problems in society – and the solutions!  With a special focus on Canada – Trudeau, Nazis, Religion, Protests and Monty Python;  Ukraine;  Azerbaijan and the ethnic cleansing of Nagorno-Karabakh;  Album of the Week – the Bends; Australia – Murdoch and Andrews retire, Jacinta Price, Abortion in WA and Qantas; Ethopian woman beats marathon record; Macron and gas boilers; Lawrence Fox and Ava-Santina; OxfordUni and the LGBT anti Church hit squad; Death of the whistler; David McCallum; SEEK 10 – Education, intelligence and faith; Ange Postecoglou; Be Thou my Vision…with music from Van Morrison, Radiohead and Roger Whittaker.

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The speaker of Canada’s House of Commons has apologised for recognising a man who fought for a Nazi military unit during World War II, while President Zelenskyy was visiting the country #canada #ukraine #zelenskyy #Trudeau #Rota #canadaparliament #Russia #ukrainewar #c4news

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More “love” from the tolerant Yes campaign … or should we call it DIVISION? #voicetoparliament #votenoaustralia #tiktokaustralia #benfordham #2gb #fyp #voicetoparliamentexplained #voteno #notothevoice #referendum #minecraft #yes23 #auspol #jacintaprice #notmyvoice #australia #australian

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The fastest woman in the world! Tigst Assefa beats the Marathon World Record by more than two minutes. 2:11:53 – history!#running #berlinmarathon






  1. We are seeing in places like Canada, NZ and Scotland what happens when a historically Christian society becomes deliberately de-Christianised.

    Christianity provides not only a moral framework for life and a sense of accountability to a higher power, but also has the ability to unify people across racial, class and gender boundaries.

    The secularists’ big mistake was in thinking they could replicate all of that through secular ideologies. They can’t, and these countries will probably have to get a lot, lot worse before any of them will even come close to admitting that. Sadly they will probably allow Islam to take on that role before they’d ever let Christianity have any sort of influence again.

  2. What about something on Northern Ireland’s radical new legal opposition to pro-life protest in the vicinity of clinics overseeing or doing terminations?

  3. Postecoglou refused to say anything nice about the Queen when she died, lest he offend the Celtic hordes. He’s not a good guy.

    1. Could you substantiate that? Give us a clip where he is asked to say something nice about the Queen and refuses. But even if he did – it doesn’t make him a bad guy!

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