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Coffee and Colossians 116 – Aristarchus – the Faithful Friend

Colossians 4:10 – Sometimes our Christian fellowship is shallow and superficial. It’s not the band of brothers that Paul demonstrates here. He speaks of faithful Aristarchus who was his faithful fellow prisoner….

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Coffee and Colossians 115 – Onesimus – the Useful/Faithful Slave/Brother



  1. The Anglican cover up of adult and child abuse issues exposes the veneer type shallowness of some Church fellowships. We see contempt for the law and for biblical principles of natural justice or fair play. We see disregard for agreed rules of the Anglican Church like Lambeth 1:10 (which liberals and evangelicals can be happy to disregard when its very clear terms do not suit them). Yet, tragically, cases exists all over the place where abusers have been protected and innocent people stitched up on false and unfair charges.

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