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Coffee and Colossians 96 – Doing it all in the Name of Jesus

Colossians 3:17 – What does it mean to do something in the name of Jesus? Motive, representation and empowerment….

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  1. If Christ is King of creation and Lord over conscience, then the widespread concealment of vile abuse in the evangelical Protestant tradition should concern us all hugely. Contempt has all too often been shown for national law, Church rules and biblical principles of fair play or natural justice.

  2. Hmm, ’empowered’ – I wonder with what glasses we read that / hear that? I’ve mentioned before that I have Chronic Fatigue and, having spent most of my life leaping around in ministry, empowerment in the Name of Jesus has taken a new meaning. It is discovering that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” means that the “all things” = all the things He’s actually calling me to do and no more. I can preach once a month and I can have coffee and cake with the youngsters from church heading off to uni or employment – yet needing to sleep perhaps for an hour or so twice a day. What really takes the energy is prayer! But that’s for another day.

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