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Coffee and Colossians 71 – Religious Festivals and Days

Colossians 2:16 – Why are humans religious? Whats wrong with celebrating religious festivals? Should a Christian celebrate Christmas?

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Coffee and Colossians 70 – Eating and Drinking


  1. I suspect that if one was to ask the average person in the street today what the fourth commandment is the majority would have no idea. When I was a child my dear grandmother used to tell me how her parents would not do any work at all on a Sunday. Even going to the extent of preparing that days food on Saturday. They lived on a sheep/cattle farm with a large family of nine so as one can imagine there was always plenty of work to be done. Milking the house cow, feeding dogs, hens, or attended sick livestock was fine but other chores just had to wait.
    At haymaking time during the summer my great grandfather would watch his neighbours toiling away on Sundays but he refused to even walk into the paddocks where his hay was laying. Even when his hay was ready to be bailed and dark clouds were on the horizon he held stedfast and stayed true to his beliefs. Some of those same neighbours spent weeks getting thier hay dry whereas he seemed to have great sucess in getting the job done in less time and with fewer problems. He knew why and he wasnt afraid to relate that to those same neighbours. In a good humoured manner of course.
    If its good enough for God to set one day aside for rest its good enough for me and my family …. this was his motto and he was well respected by his neighbours for his firm stance.

    A sabbath well spent,
    Brings a week of content,
    And health for the toils of tomorrow.
    But a Sabbath profaned,
    Whatsoever may be gained,
    Is a certain forerunner of sorrow.

    Recently found this in a book passed onto me from my grandmother.

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