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Coffee and Colossians 70 – Eating and Drinking

Colossians 2:17 – Why are we not to let people judge us by what we eat and drink? Is it important?

Also on the ASK Podcast here 

Coffee and Colossians 69 – Oppressed and Victorious



  1. Good common sense – thank you. One of the real put-offs is the inner shudder some people in church generate when they see folk eating / drinking ‘forbidden stuff’. Re the the odd bottle on the shelf behind you – here’s a thought, how about the uisge beatha being used as a placement ad . . . maybe not.

  2. Re:- 11-7-23 broadcast! Why does Advent and Christmas work? Why can Lent be forgotten? Why is Pentecost almost invisible? It is stripped of its name even (Whitsunday etc…) Why- ‘Ordinary Time’-in the BCP year? Thought provoking as always! Thanks.

  3. Thanks David for your ongoing teaching, not just on Colossians, or coffee and Revelation, but in all aspects pointing us to our Lord Jesus Christ to whom be glory and praise.

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