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Coffee and Colossians 43 – The Glorious Riches

Colossians 1:27 – When you are not feeling great – when you are feeling poor -or poorly – then what brings real comfort? The fact that you have the glorious riches of Christ…

Coffee and Colossians 42 – The Mystery



  1. Weariness, knackered-ness, exhaustion and even grumpiness – yup. Thank you so much for your ministry today. I live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and frequently and frustratingly am in bed asleep for 1hr stints, maybe twice a day. But, a yes the thought that I shall see Him face to face – “but when I see thee as you art” is infinitely precious and reduces me to tears.

  2. Thank you David for speaking the Truth and for being real about your feelings. What a combination that rings with integrity and communicates beyond the words – the work of the Holy Spirit. We are rich beyond measure with the riches that are never corrupted, or fail.
    Every blessing in Christ
    Effie Alexander

  3. Thanks! 50 years of charismatic influence may have helped bring life to some very dead places in the Western Church. But, with getting older and more cagey, your statement about empty promises, so called “prophetic words” disappointing people at times, rings very true. Middle-aged or older people drift away, and sometimes head to anabaptist or benedictine spirituality. But the very young can be really damaged, as we are finding out about in various reports. The simplicity and stillness, in some very traditional forms of worship, can be an antidote and a blessing.

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