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Coffee and Colossians 41` – The Commission

Colossians 1:25 – Why should we believe what Paul or any preacher says? They need to be commissioned and called by God. With a personal testimony about a particular call I received. Coffee and Colossians is now available as a podcast as well….



  1. One of the phrases that Scots seem to use (used to use?) was “if I’m spared” – a phrase that confirms to we frivilous and shallow sassenachs the gloom that hangs over anywhere north of Northumbria. However, taken in the right way I think it speaks gloriously of the Lord’s goodness – we are spared for His purpose either in the pulpit or, as I find, in the restrictions of fatigue. Your verse by verse approach is so helpful. Thank you for your commitment.

  2. So encouraged by this – especially your personal testimony, David. I well remember praying for you and my church praying for you and our relief when the Lord raised you up again. I am absolutely sure He is pleased with the way you have kept your commitment to Him by faithfully and diligently preaching His Word whether you felt like it or not. May you receive double the blessing you pour upon others with these precious thoughts that cause people to ponder and long for more of God. Is 63 v 9 – “In all their affliction, He was afflicted, and the angel of His presence saved them.” I realise this is about Ancient Israel, but I have found the Lord to be with me more in affliction than when things go well! Keep up the good work. Thanks for all these Bible gems.

  3. UK Sun Times had ‘Rev’ (or former) Coles in the mag this week. Struggled to see much (anything?) of spiritual value in the four pages. Reference to not following celibacy in the past, a new romance and secretly ‘blessing’ relationships………yawn…….Prefer these broadcasts! Thanks.

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