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Coffee and Colossians 38 – The Universal Gospel

Colossians 1:23 – What effect does the Gospel have? What does Paul mean when he says it has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven? With a look at contrasting General Assemblies.

Coffee and Colossians 36 – Reconciliation and Holiness



  1. This is really great David , it really makes me look much more closely at what is written in the Word , not skipping over as I’m prone to do , thank you so much.

  2. Keep up your great work! Loving Colossians! Thank you for being true to God’s word.

  3. Don’t ever underestimate the blessings these readings bring – a massive thank you. FYI interest I have a Bodleian Reader’s card so can drop into town (Oxford – where else is there??) and do some reading. I followed up on Derek Tiballs’ little commentary and will be following up on his excellent footnote references. As a footnote junkie, and I know you’re under pressure, but might you put a note in ‘Reply’ as to page no. of such things as the Calvin quote you gave. As I was sitting in the reading rooms with Gk. Testament open I realised that there was a Greek Orthodox priest studying next to me (gulp!) – at an appropreate moment I asked him what he was reading: The Trinity and an Entangled World, John Polkinghorne. Kind of ‘shouted’ a further read for what I was thinking about Col.1:15-16. And it’s all your fault :).

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