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In many ways George Orwell’s 1984 could be regarded as a prophetic novel. Although written in 1949 there are parts of it that are even more apposite for 2023.

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Two Minutes Hate

In the novel Orwell describes the Two Minutes Hate – a daily public period in which the citizens of Oceania watch a film showing Emmanuel Goldstein, the main enemy of the State, and his Brotherhood. They are encouraged to show their hate for him and their love for Big Brother. Orwell’s picture is a masterful description of group psychology – what he calls groupthink. It shows how people can transfer their own anxieties and anger on to an external enemy (who doesn’t really exist), and thus diverts them from questioning The Party – the governing authorities. In this way The Party can deal with thoughtcrime and thoughtcriminals.

The RIght Side of History

Whilst not quite as explicit as in Orwell’s dystopian novel, modern liberal ‘soft’ authoritarianism has developed a similar if somewhat more sophisticated technique. We are constantly being invited to join the groupthink and be ‘on the right side of history’. I think of the medical worker who went to work only to have their regular LGBTQI+ day – where a lecture was given on the necessity of correct pronouns. Everyone sat round and nodded. No one dared question. Even more so, no one dared not to be seen to be affirming. Everyone had to wear the symbol. After all you don’t want to be excluded for not being inclusive! But what is even more chilling is that increasingly ‘the enemy’ is being named. Those bigots. Those phobes! Usually religious, but not of course Islam – the religion of peace, which can never be portrayed in any other way than positive! This discrimination will soon lead to anger and hatred – when the promised Brave New World is not delivered by all our diversity and equality training. Someone must be to blame.

This scenario is repeated in countless government departments, school, universities and corporations – especially those who have appointed ‘equality and diversity’ officers under the watchful eye of Stonewall. In Australia there are 25,000 trans people in the whole country – that is 0.01% of the population. But for that 0.1% we have to have special days at work and school, we have to destroy women’s sport and we have to cancel anyone who dares to question the ideology.


There is a great deal of bullying, hatred and sometimes even physical force used to force people to conform and join in the groupthink. Some are convinced they really do see. Others keep quiet because they don’t want to be seen. And so, it appears that everyone sits round and admires the Emperor’s new clothes. Aren’t they grand! What beauty! What elegance! What style! Until one day a little feminist somewhere points out that they don’t exist – and then the whole house of cards falls down.

Not everyone is being taken in by the mass hysteria and resultant group psychosis that seems to be gripping so much of Western society – but sadly too many are. And others just keep quiet. What can you say? Don’t go to the indoctrination sessions? If you speak up at them or dare to question you will be found guilty of blasphemy and your card will be marked. You may get to keep your job but you can forget about that promotion!

Feminist Heroes

It seems to me that many of the whistleblowers and nonconformists in our culture are feminists like Kelly-Jay Kean (Posie Parker), whose sheer courage in coming to Australia and New Zealand this year was evidenced when politicians and media alike condemned her as a Nazi and stirred up the mob to verbally and physically attack her. When questioned about whether her trip had been a success, she answered that she had achieved her purpose of showing the extent of the evil they were fighting against!

Christian Heroes

But it’s not just the feminists. I think of a Christian doctor who refused to sign a statement sent out by their NHS trust which demanded that all their staff should sign this affirmation of transgender ideology. He refused simply because it was unscientific and, as a scientist and a Christian, he was not going to sign a lie. Colleagues agreed it was a lie but told him just to sign it anyway – for a quiet life. He refused and the trust had to back down.

Or think of Kate Forbes – the Christian politician who all the ‘experts’ assumed was finished because she was truthful about her faith – and almost ended up as the First Minister of Scotland – despite the vehement opposition. Speaking the truth is the best disinfectant.

Or the journalist who was told by the Financial Times that the staff would be more ‘comfortable’ if she told a lie in her review of a book about male violence against women. She had pointed out that trans murders were rare. The editors wanted to add the phrase that they were ‘disproportionately high’ because it would make people feel better. The fact that it wasn’t true was irrelevant. They also considered the word ‘rare’ to be ‘pejorative’! Feelings and what people want to be true, rather than what is true, are what matter – even (especially?) in the so-called elites.

Think for Yourself

The best way to destroy the groupthink is by learning to think for ourselves and in the words of Paul ‘being transformed by the renewing of our minds’ (Rom.12:2). What a difference it would make if all Christians stood up against the lies that our society is being built upon! We would turn the world upside down!

Transgender ideology and the rise of the thought police – CT

Welcome to the Brave New World of 1984 UK style – where religion must have a government approved stamp.



  1. ‘A table in the wilderness’ springs to mind. As individuals, as families and as a society, have we lost the art of social cohesion, combined with gratitude and reflection? Losing the Lord’s Supper is sad, but is something elementally more simple is now lost: people united around food and grateful for it? All sorts of odd faddism on food (and where or how to enjoy it) is possibly a marker of a rootless time. The radical end of this rootlessness-radical transgenderism-is possibly an iceberg tip marking something much bigger’s presence.

  2. All so true! That groupthink seemed to rear its ugly head a few years back when you were still in Scotland where they were redefining hate speech . It was a harbinger of what was coming to US. Thank you for your courage and always reminding us of the Lords love . His grace, goodness and His sovereignty!

  3. I pray the Lord will give me the courage to stand firm and the wisdom to know when.

    1. Hello John,
      And where? and how?
      And most important, why?
      Along with what to stand firm about, linked as it is
      with why.
      Otherwise aren’t we at risk in being known only for what we are against, rather than who we are for, a weighty matter of eternity.

  4. Hi Geoff

    Yes and all these questions. I sometimes look into Ian Paul’s blog, especially the comments. God bless.


  5. Good analysis! … It could equally be applied to the covid hysteria we have just had 2.5 years of … incl christians just ‘going along to get along’ without a sound went along with ‘giving up meeting together’, looking at the tips of their shoes instead of bravely speaking up… all as you say ‘unscientific’ and money and power driven… I don’t know, does theweeflea not see this or is he/she too fearful to speak up… it being the ‘dominant’ narrative an all …

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