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Coffee and Colossians 30 – The Glue of the Universe

Colossians 1:17 – What holds everything together? Why doesn’t the Universe fall apart? Paul gives an astonishing answer…..with Steph Macleod and Celtic Worship singing How Great Thou Art.

Coffee and Colossians 29 – The Centre of the Universe


  1. Brilliant seeing Celtic Praise – I pray regularly for the ministry of one of the ensemble. Thank you so much for sharing. As ever, a lovely rendition of an old ‘friend’.

  2. Colossians is such a small but explosive book and this is a wonderful series, David, thank you! Here’s a modern hymn recently introduced to me by a dear friend. Along with other poets, it includes the wonderful Malcolm Guite. Alana Levandoski certainly captures the awe conveyed in ’How Great Thou Art’.

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