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Coffee and Colossians 25 – Redemption and Forgiveness

(Colossians 1:14 – We now come to two great gifts of our inheritance….redemption and forgiveness – which together spell freedom. And are purchased at the most incredible price. Image by macrovector on Freepik)

Coffee and Colossians 24 – The Kingdom of the Son he Loves



  1. Thank you for Colossians my friend I are enjoying it, and for the other studies prior to it. I agree it’s good to share God’s word every day.

  2. I so appreciate you, Pastor Robertson! This Colossians series is matching our study on 1 Peter 1 on the Good News/Gospel. I send them to Life Group Leader who is always appreciated. You have shed light on words/concepts I hadn’t thought about, and I appreciate that! I have followed you ever since you did Job or Revelation (whichever came first.) Thank you.

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