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Quantum 228 – The Road to Nowhere

In this weeks Quantum   we look at the hopeless direction we are heading in Western society – and what can be done – with Glen Miller, Jordan Peterson, Talking Heads, Royal Racism, Twitter Expose, Abortion – Hilary Clinton,Heidi Crowter, Spiked, Malta, Ralph Warnock,  and the Bill Gates Foundation;  Pearl Harbour, Sinta Klaas, Dutch Farmers, French Fines, Oxford Restrictions, Senator Alex Antic, Adultery in Indonesia, Chaos in Peru, Corruption in South Africa, Christianity at the World Cup and Nick Cave.

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Senator Alex Antis (not Santis as I mistakenly said in the podcast!)…



  1. I am not sure it is correct to say Heidi Crowter ‘suffers’ from Down’s Syndrome. Perhaps it would be better to say simply, ‘ she has’ Down’s Syndrome.
    Part of the importance of the argument she and you are making is that having Down’s does not necessarily mean that there is any suffering and so there is even less justification for abortion being allowed up until term.

  2. I enjoyed Quantum (as usual) but find it hard to understand why you can’t bring yourself to get behind England in the World Cup quarter finals and choose to support Holland?!

    1. Because the Netherlands have always been my world cup team – when Scotland are not in! Although if its any comfort I will be happy to see England beat France!

    2. Scottish people generally don’t support England, for the same reason English people generally don’t support Germany or Argentina.

      1. Well Germany are part of Europe, why don’t you support them? In footballing terms the United Kingdom doesn’t exist.

      2. Ruth, I was saying the exact same to my family last night. Anybody but England is their thinking. When asked why… it’s because they would rub it in our faces forever. I could imagine the same being true if it was Scotland. I don’t understand why we can’t just support each other. Or is football (& sport in general) only about showing off our national pride and prejudice?

      3. Thanks for that, Jackie. ‘Childish’ is a word that comes to mind. Maybe women should run the world while men get rid of their aggression on the sports’ field 😁

  3. ‘The dead were judged according to what they had done’. Is Jordan Peterson’s 2 mins interview answer bang on the money?

    1. No – because it ends up being a religions of works and self help – which leads only to despair. You need to remember that the work God requires is to believe in the one he has sent. And that it is those who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb who are saved.

  4. Surely it is not fair to condemn the ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix series when you haven’t even seen it. I can imagine you would have little truck with someone who dissed the Bible who hadn’t even read it.

    Also, using the media on you own terms is vastly different to facing it on their terms and having the onslaught of the papparazzi every day of your life.

    I personally, can’t help but have a lot of sympathy for Harry. He saw his mother be constantly harrassed by the media when he was young. She then died when he was very young and he could resonably believe that the pursuing photographers caused her death. Then he had to face the constant presence of the media while he grieved, while he was at school, while a teenager and then as he married his wife and became a father. No wonder he left, to save his own children from those very pressures.
    (I have only watched the first episode)

    Thanks for Quantum each week. It is not very often a comfortable listen but we need someone to give us a dig and say – wake up! Look what is happening.

    1. If I was writing an article on the series then yes I would watch it. But just as I comment on a speech by Biden, or a debate in the House of Commons, or a speech by Putin – without having seen the whole thing – so I feel free to comment on what is in the series on the basis of the clips I have seen, the things I do know and the pattern that Meghan and Harry have shown.

      I too have a lot of sympathy with Harry – as I did when he was portrayed wearing a Nazi uniform. But if you want to save your children from the pressures of being a public celebrity – don’t sign a $100 million deal with Netflix and invite the cameras into your home!

      I am much more concerned about Meghans lies. She has told some whoppers in her search for victimhood. She claimed they were married in secret (they were not), that she is an only child (she is not), that her passport was taken off her (it wasn’t), that Hilary Clinton wrote her as an 11 year old to congratulate her (she didn’t), that people danced on the streets in South Africa when she got married (they didn’t). She is a consumate liar who is now using her and her husbands own company to make a documentary about themselves. The narcissism is appalling.

      Thanks for the remarks about Quantum….it’s not eay to do – and I often get it wrong…But I am glad the Lord is using it…

  5. I’ve been listening to your podcast for years now. Thanks for all the effort being put into it. Not many Christian pastors do this on a weekly basis! Keep going!

    The link on ‘Corruption in South Africa’ point to the Peru article.
    And while talking about links, would it be possible for you to link every topic that you refer to? Helps to authenticate it and read up more on it.

    Do you think your days could be numbered in Aussi land? They don’t seem to take well to critics!

    God bless and keep you!

    1. Thanks Sam – will try and sort that. I think my days are numbered in any Western country! No country that goes progressive tolerates people who disagree!

  6. The Road to Nowhere does not apply to Hungary these days and , credit where credit is due , Christian Nationalist politicians are responsible for rising marriage rates , falling abortions and the highest non – immigration – driven birthrate in decades.

    SNP , emulation please.

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