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Quantum 226 – The Crown, the Cup, Covid in Nicaragua and Christianity in Qatar

On this week’s Quantum we have Bryan Ferry, the Crown, the Iranian and Welsh national anthems at the World Cup, Saudi and Japan, Gianni Infantino, religion in Qater, Twitter Hysteria, Personal Carbon Credit, the Dutch ‘carnival is over’, Covid in Nicaragua,  T-Rex, Mental illness and vaccines in Canada, Gambling, Earthquake in Indonesia,  War in Ukraine, Shooting in Colorado, Scottish Independence, The Bible not suitable for modern society,  and BitterSweet Symphony.

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  1. There is a film made in 1956 called ‘Port of Escape’. It concerns two men on the run from the police. At one point they go into a pub. Outside the pub a Salvation Army band is playing. What they are playing is, presumably, a hymn. The tune sounded very like the same tune to ‘The Carnival is Over.’ I did some research on the internet and found that Dutch hymn. American folk singer Peter Seeger wrote a song called “River of My People” in the 1950s using the same tune so the original Russian melody has been used for quite a few different purposes over the years.

  2. If a man says that he identifies as a woman so that he can be put in a female gaol rather than a male goal, his declaration must be accepted. So the people who push the notion of gender identity tell us. We must, under no circumstances, question what the person asserts. If someone declares they identify as a woman they must be treated as a woman, no matter what their appearance clearly shows. Now, the liberal media in the USA, such as CNN, is questioning the Colorado suspect’s declaration that he is non-binary. There is the hypocrisy. If you or I questioned a person’s self-declaration we would be accused of all sorts of unpleasant things. But when they do it, it’s a different matter.

  3. Thanks for this Hymn and for all the Songs for Sunday 🙏🏻
    My mum is Dutch and she loved it she also translated it sort of 💗when Dutch is translated into Aussie it’s always back to front 🙃

    Prayers to you and yours for a blessed 2023
    Kind regards

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