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Coffee and Revelation 79 – The Last Battle 1 – The Demonic Frogs

Revelation ch. 16:12-14 – The sixth angel sets up the last great battle. The forces of evil against Christ and his people. John uses an historical event to illustrate a future certainty….

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Coffee and Revelation 78 – The Scorching Sun and the Deep Darkness


  1. As ever so relevant – thank you. By the way, in respect of the father of lies, have you picked up the latest from the supporters of Donald Trump in the USA. He, apparently, is the Messiah spoken of by Jesus as the coming Son of Man: ‘The President, Donald J. Trump, the Son of Man, The Christ’ by Helgard Muller. Seeing this on FB I pointed out that for blasphemy this took a very special prize – you can guess the vituperation I got before I shut down the posting.

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