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Quantum 212 – Food, Failures and Fellowship

This week’s Quantum’s main subject is food – using grain for fuel;  what food is good for you; espresso v cappuccino;   the argumentum hystericum; Kenya; the Norwegian Walrus; Woke Corporations; The RAF halts recruiting white men; California v. Florida – education; the Langya virus; Irish media rules; new UK cycling laws; Graeme Souness on the Man’s Game; Hungarian Christian Rally;  Australian Anglican Schism; Nicky Gumbels farewell sermon – with music from Queen, the Beatles, Oliver, Weird Al Yankovich, Top Gun, Pinter Bela and Dave Henderson….

Catch up on last week here – Quantum 211 – Hallelujah!

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Weird Al Yankovich – Eat it


  1. Advertisers have duped people into thinking banks and building societies help nice young couples buy homes. What nonsense! The Bioethanol piece, here, also makes fascinating listening. What a tragedy! Thanks for a great broadcast.

    1. It is already the case that it is illegal for a cyclist (and a pedestrian) to go through a traffic light. My objection is to cyclists being asked to pay road tax, or have licence plates!

  2. Regarding listing foods in order of healthfulness depending on nutrient content – as a retired dietitian I feel I must point out what a ridiculous exercise that is!! Individual foods are eaten as part of overall diets and if you are eating a varied diet then there is no point in worrying about one food being low in one nutrient if that nutrient is being consumed plentifully in other foods in your diet. You specifically compared white rice and chips in terms of fibre and potassium content. White rice has virtually no fibre but if you ate it with chilli con carne and a salad you’d have a higher fibre meal than you would if you had your chips with eggs and sausages. Chips are very high in potassium but again so are tomatoes and pulses so the above meals would have similar amounts, actually potassium is found in a wide variety of foods. All of this is excluding what you might have for breakfast, a light meal or any snacks you might have. Knowing the nutrient content of individual foods can be helpful but it doesn’t make sense to label one food as healthier than another without a broader context.

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