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Coffee and Revelation 50 – Death and Resurrection

Revelation ch. 11 v. 7-14 – John sums up the opposition to the Church and the Gospel brilliantly. The enemies think they have been victorious – but they have not taken account of the Lord of the Resurrection

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Coffee and Revelation 49 – The Two Witnesses


  1. As ever, thank you so much. What struck me in this passage was v.7 “When they had finished their testimony . . . ” Not before, not interrupting halfway through, but when they had ‘run their race’. Ready for their “Well done you good and faithful servant(s).” I’ll be chewing this one over for a day or two yet. It gives me hope that, despite the clinging, oh so weakening, fatigue, there is yet more to live out for His purposes. I wonder what it is 🙂 By the way, when you meet Nancy Guthrie, please thank her for her brilliant book.

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