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Coffee and Revelation 41 – Silence in Heaven

Revelation 8:1 – What is the Silence in Heaven? What does God’s silence mean?

Also on YouTube here….

Coffee and Revelation 40 – Heather in Heaven

Coffee with Job 127 – The Sound of Silence



  1. “And then all Heaven breaks loose”. A phrase that makes a profoundly disturbing introduction to what follows. This was a deeply thought provoking session. Thank you so much.

  2. I was just wondering whether the silence in heaven has anything to do with Jesus’ death on the cross? Matthew talks about the three hours of darkness that came over the land. And then the moment when He breathed his last the way the earth shook, the temple curtain tore, tombs broke open and holy people were raised to life. Is Revelation also highlighting the death and resurrection of Jesus and the kind of cataclysmic, world-changing event that this was?

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