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Uplift – The need for Pastors to speak about Abortion – with Catherine Mockler of SPUC

When back in Scotland I did this short interview with Catherine Mockler of SPUC  – it was a joy meeting with her and the team.  May the Lord richly bless their work in the midst of a hostile pro-death culture.


Uplift sees host, Catherine, interview recognisable faces in the pro-life world, many of whom are on the frontlines saving babies and helping mothers. In Episode 4 of Uplift, Catherine speaks with Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Reverend David Robertson. David speaks about the need for pastors to confront the tragedy of abortion and not to shy away from it, for fear of being too “politically” involved. For links to the SPUC website, socials and more, click here:

Abortion Myths and Realities – a Case Study from Africa



  1. Could you remind me? Where in the bible is abortion banned? The OT does have a ritual for causing am abortion if she had been unfaithful. Under Jewish law codes in the OT, a foetus is not a person until some time after it is born as can be seen by the penalty for killing a foetus.

    Maybe it was something Jesus mentioned. After all, he would hardly have failed to tell about the important things, would he?

    1. The bible clearly teaches that the baby in the womb is a human life (Ps 139, Jeremiah, John the Baptist) and it forbids the taking of human life. Your statement about the Jewish law codes in the OT saying that a baby is not a person until some time after she is born is just a straight out falsehood. Going by your logic that anything Jesus didn’t speak about must be ok as it is ‘unimportant’ Jesus would have been for paedophilia! Time to wise up?

    2. “I can do anything the Bible doesn’t say I’m not allowed to do” is a pretty terrible attitude for anyone who calls themselves a Christian.

  2. Should NHS website’s-DATING SCAN-be replicated at life scale size in printed Christian publications?

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