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No True Diversity – Letter in the Scotsman

Being in Scotland for a month I couldn’t resist returning to my old ways – hence this letter in todays Scotsman…I’m quite surprised and delighted they published it…

No true diversity

Your Comment headline “Culture wars that saw Donald Trump rise to power are degrading democracy in the UK” (3 May) is surely correct. Except in this. Culture wars have already divided democracy. The almost universal acceptance of “progressive” cultural values by the elites in academia, politics, the corporations and the media, has resulted in the demonisation of anyone who dares to think differently – at least 50 per cent of the population.

There is little difference between Ruth Davidson, Anas Sarwar, Nicola Sturgeon and most of the civic elites in Scotland. They treat with contempt those of us who think that a woman is an adult human female; that parents not the State are responsible for children; that Christophobia is as bad as Islamaphobia; that poverty, drugs and crime are at least as important as all the Woke issues coming out of Yale, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge.

Perhaps if our civic elites really did believe in diversity, inclusion and equality they might be able to encourage more democratic discourse.

David Robertson, Sydney


  1. It’s almost as if the removal of God from the public consciousness has led to political leaders considering themselves completely unaccountable to any higher authority and therefore having no motivation whatsoever to be truthful or hold to any consistent set of principles.

  2. ‘Democracy’ always had an Achilles heel, any fule kno that, but was deemed the least worst form of the exercise of political power. If there ain’t higher authority then the only force is gravity.

  3. Bonhoeffers Theory of Stupidity.

    ‘Stupidity is more dangerous than malice, because malice can be tackled with force.

    Protests or force are of no use against stupidity….’

    Look at what the progressives did in Bonhoeffers day….

  4. A timely letter for the UK on polling day. Just look at the 3rd and 5th May posts on ‘Abolish Abortion NI’ facebook page! Was a pro-life lady, with a poster and picture saying ‘This is a baby’, assaulted at a UK polling station? Did a senior AANI member possibly receive the threat of a police call and confiscation of electronic equipment? Do we soak in ‘woke woke’, but are non-woke interests frequently sidelined and shunned, or just shut out?

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