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Stumbling Blocks to Christianity 2 – Suffering

This is the second in our series ‘Stumbling Blocks to Christianity’.  We look at the question of suffering – much of the talk was based on this chapter in ASK – God and Suffering – A.S.K 14

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Stumbling Blocks to Christ – 1 – Scripture

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  1. I’ve been thinking about a cliff analogy recently. It goes like this because there are hundreds of cliffs around the shores of the UK and most other countries, so we all know what they are.

    Cliffs are beautiful places and it’s great to be able to walk along them to admire the sea, to take in the ozone air, to watch the seabirds and look at the flowers. So would it be wrong for God to prevent me walking along a cliff top in case I fell off the edge? No. So would it be wrong of God to prevent me from walking along a cliff edge in case I jumped off? No. And would it also be wrong of God to prevent me walking along the cliff edge with my friend? No, of course not. And therefore would it also be wrong of God to prevent me from pushing my friend off the cliff?

    As you say, David, if God were to prevent evil He would have to prevent us, full stop.

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