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Coffee with Job 140 – The Final One – Full of Years

Job 42:16-17 – The final one. It is recorded that Job lives for 140 years and is greatly blessed. Do we consider old age a blessing? Plus some reflections on the whole book….Thanks for being with me on this journey…

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I hope to start a new series on the book of Revelation in June.   Meanwhile Songs for Sunday continues every week, and I will be adding other videos on both the YouTube and Vimeo channels if you are a subscriber.



  1. Thank you for your excellent series on Job, I think I watched them all! You are certainly a doer of God’s Word and you richly deserve rest and the recharging of the batteries. When it comes, enjoy your time back in Scotland. Might see you around.

  2. David, Thank you for these daily thoughts and studies of Job…so enriching and uplifting. Thank you also for sharing so much of yourself and your family; it was lovely in a Godly sense to ‘see’ their faces in yesterday’s post. The joy of the Lord is your strength! May he guide and bless during the coming months, and as you travel.

    “Because of its supernatural origin, the joy of the Lord—our gladness of heart—is present even through the trials of life. We know we are children of God, and no one can snatch us away from Him (John 10:28–29). We are heirs to “an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade,” and no one can steal it from us (1 Peter 1:4; Matthew 6:20). We see the Author and Finisher of our faith, and, let the enemy rage ever so much, we know who wins in the end (Hebrews 12:2; Psalm 2).” – extracted from:

  3. Thank you for this very rich study on Job! August 23, 2021 is the date on the first page of my notes….nearly 8 months! But so worth the time and effort! Thank you for all you put into it.

    And thank you again for recommending the Christopher Ash book, it was immensely helpful throughout.

    I liked the format of 5 mins (give or take!) and the music afterwards that enhanced your teaching. I was so sad that this study was coming to an end and was going to ask you to consider doing a similar study of a New Testament book….but you already had that in mind! :-)) I hope you will also recommend a commentary for the Revelation. About 15 years ago, our small group did a study of Revelation that we thought would take a year to do. But it ended up being 2 years because we could only get through half of the chapter for all the questions and discussion it generated!

    Have a wonderful rest and refreshing time in Scotland – you have earned it!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself during this time, and for the sweet photo of your family, they are lovely!
    See you in June.

  4. Thank you once more for the wonderful journey through Job, I will miss it but look forward to Revelation . May Scotland embrace you when you return.

  5. Thank you David for all these mornings with Job. I’ve always appreciated this book but all the more so now. I am very glad that you are going to do Revelation next. This morning I read from chapter 11 verse 5 and was thrilled at these glorious words and truth, especially in light of all that is going on the world just now. Every blessing to you and Annabel for your time in Scotland.
    Effie Alexander

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