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Coffee with Job 139 – Sons and Daughters

Job 42:12-15 – Job has seven sons and three daughters. Unusually the sons are not named – but the daughters are. Why? We consider the place of family….


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  1. What a beautiful picture of your family David and what a blessing they must be to you! The older I become (74) the more I understand the preciousness of the gift of life, our own, our children, and our wider family. In this day and age, I see a similar parallel between Job’s story and what the enemy is doing in our world in his efforts to destroy the family, rob the unborn of life, and see off the elderly and infirm before their time! BUT, our God gives us the opportunity, the blessing to be who He has made us be to confound the enemy’s plans.
    Thank you for your daily thoughts, you make me think about God’s word and life on many levels and I am blessed!

  2. Sons and Daughters , as in human genetic future , do not seem to be the focus of this high ranking and aptly named clergyman :

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