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Coffee with Job 136 – This is The End

This is our last week of Coffee with Job – Job 42:7 – Why is God angry with Job’s friends? Are these last few verses of Job a bit of an anti-climax? When we come to the end what does all that mean? Did Job really speak well of God?

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  1. You’ve done such a great series on Job! I’m wondering what you think about the suggestion of Job 42:7, that the point is that Job spoke *to* God, while his friends only spoke *about* him. It’s very similar to where you end up pastorally on this book.

    The Hebrew, in my opinion, is much better translated as “you have not spoken *to* me what is right, as my servant Job has.” (Job 42:7)

    “The most dangerous profession for “Christians” and comforters alike is one where we talk about God, but never to him.”

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