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Songs for Sunday 2 – Ps 24 – St Georges Edinburgh



This psalm – sung to the tune of St Georges Edinburgh is one of the most wonderful worship songs you will ever experience. Its a song that speaks of the coming of Christ both his ascension into heaven and his coming into our lives. It was our theme tune in St Peters.  The photos are of Charlotte Chapel…now the occupants of St Georges.


Songs for Sunday – 1 – I Stand Amazed in the Presence


  1. The Church of England (Anglican) used to sing psalms in metre until about 150 years ago but using a choice of two different word versions from the words used in Scotland. In the nineteenth century they went over to singing them in prose, which sounds sort of ‘more religious’ but is difficult to do. They carried on doing that until about 1980. The new service books say that services should include a psalm or canticle (in Scottish terminology, Paraphrase) but alas almost all parishes ignore that. Most agree that singing prose is beyond most congregations but many don’t even realise the metrical solution exists.

  2. Most Protestant parishes do not teach their Sunday School infants that Cromwell cancelled Christmas.

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