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Coffee with Job 119 – Can You Set Up God’s Dominion?

Job 38:31-38 – Can we exercise God’s dominion? Not at all. Human beings seeking to become God create havoc. We need to become smaller in our own eyes – the best way to do that is to see God. One way to do that is to look at the stars.

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  1. Thanks! The heavens can swing people either way. The majesty and mystery are a fingerprint for the believer and psalmist. Maybe the big question is this: is space empty? If space is just- ’empty’-an atheist might see themselves as just an unusual accumulation of cosmic dust. When we consider the structure in the cosmos space is far from being simply empty or disordered nothingness. Evolution has a similar danger, where one close friend asks why did God bother with millions of years of animals eating each other, dying, breeding, going extinct etc…..Could we tie the vastness of space with a verse like John 16:8 where space speaks of purity and holiness. Astronaut testimonies, like James Irwin’s, add another dimension here….

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