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Coffee with Job 102 – God Speaks – through Sickness

Job 33:19-33 – God also speaks through sickness…As we look at this we hear from CS Lewis, a Buddhist quote and a beautiful version of Psalm 77 from 20Schemes Music….

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Coffee with Job 101 – Dreams and Visions


  1. Good address, exposition and diction David (however a tad low on sound volume, in first part..!).., on pain and suffering with Job, and patience in enduring…

    Also lovely worship song in latter half .., with the contrasting beauty of Oban and west coast, with the relative deprivation areas in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh (?)

    Feel the supporting video should have been reversed- ie the deprivation firstly.., ending with the scenic splendour of Oban and the Western Highlands..?

    1. “Lovely Oban received very good news last February” Whoever John Dunne was , he was in his statement , a man of some compassion. I would be the last to defend any drug dealer having seen the misery and suffering it causes but I knew Calum MacColl . Perhaps had I been more diligent in sharing Christ with him , instead of threatening to go up and “knock his block off” as he showered me, cascading loose slates from a ridge top when and where we were working. He might have been a different and alive individual today.

      I was aware of his troubled life from infant to youth , into adulthood . He had little social graces , because he did not understand when it was necessary to say “Thank You”. He stumbled into life and he stumbled through his short life , then stumbled out into eternity learning nothing for a thousand tragic reasons. Children who are raised in homes having heard of Jesus are children of privilege. He was given little privilege , just a child for social monitoring He was picked up numerous times by the police and very few town folk’s were not unaware as to where and when he was dealing. How bright was he ? But he was just a junkie , an addict , a useless crackhead and a waster ! At least , that’s how the self appointed judges viewed his passing. They never saw his struggle , or wiped his mess or picked him up . I just wish “Lovely Oban” would be as willing to receive “the real Good News” and not wallow with contempt on “the good news” of his tragic life , and demise.

  2. The Buddhist quote was interesting . The 6th Century BC Aryan aristocrat from Northern India devised a sensibly pessimistic philosophy that strongly resembles Schopenhauer’s.

    This elite doctrine of negation became hugely popular . Sadly , Buddha’s ideas were interpreted by eighteen rival schools , each claiming to preserve the true teaching of Gautama and his austere atheism was , over time , contaminated and obscured by the customary theological prestidigitation so familiar to those who know some history of Christianity’s divisive origins.

    The inevitable result was that a philosophy that was intended to supplant Religion was transmogrified into just another elaborate , if learned , superstition.

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