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Coffee with Job 101 – Dreams and Visions

Job 33:13-18 – How does God speak to us? Dreams, visions, warnings…..does he still do this?

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  1. My reply is to thank you David for bringing this part of Job to bear on our lives now and asking the question whether God speaks through dream s today.
    Our pastor asked on Sunday, “Did God speak to you in a dream or did you dream God spoke to you?”
    I do not think we have to say “God can’t” to be extremely cautious about dreams.
    To say “old men will dream dreams” is NOT fulfilled in the dreams being claimed as from God today is treated as heresy!
    Dreams of the N.T. revelatory period were for inclusion in the canon and there is no Divine authority from within Scripture to say we must include, accept or even speak the “extrusions” that moderns day prophets offer.
    Let everything be tested by the Word of God or we are not being faithful to the God of the Word! He is true and every man a liar by comparison.
    Thanks again for your exploration of this part of Job.

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