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Coffee with Job 91 – The Churning Inside – a Tribute to Clive Bailey

Job 30:24-31 – Job feels so churned up inside. Yet he does not give up. He gives us some great pointers to keeping on keeping on to the end of the road. And a small tribute to a great Christian, Clive Bailey – lost to the Church on earth – but glorified with the church in heaven.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to a very lovely man. A privilege to have known him. He made me and my wife feel part of something special at Stirling Free Church.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. Clive helped us here in Oban during our recent vacancy taking Sunday evening zoom on a number of occasions, his last only very recently. Clive also led us in worship at one of our midweek physical Prayer and Bible Study meetings, when he was in the Oban area on summer holiday with Ruth. We were very saddened to hear of Clive’s passing. I met Clive once in person in our church hall, I met him several times on zoom – but he truly touched my heart. John Simpson, in our congregation here in Oban, sent me the following in an email after hearing of Clive’s passing

    ‘If we look at it through the eyes of the believer , it could be truly said that he had a glorious parting , having served the Lord faithfully in testimony to not only his own fellowship , but to us here in Oban. We are the poorer, but to God be the glory’

    Remembering Ruth and the family very much at this time.

  3. David, thank you so much for this. While we are not as those who grieve without hope, at the same time our grief is very real and painful. I really appreciated this message, Job’s real expression of his suffering and churning and not pretending as believers we don’t hurt. I confess I am proud to be Dad’s daughter, he was a great example and set a high and godly standard for us all. Thank you so much.

    1. Rachel – I regarded your father as a brother, an ally, and an example to follow. I’m a cynic and don’t have many heroes – but he is one of them! Praying for you all.

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